40’s In A Bag


Event is FREE - Entry is granted by bringing a 40oz Beer which serves at your tool to cast your vote for favorite Euro!! Failure to bring said 40oz Beer will constitute a $5 charge for entry.
Small Grills, Food, and Alcoholic beverages are permitted.
This Event is a 21 and over event. You will be asked to leave if are found being under the age of 21. Random checks will occur. Children can attend when accompanied by their parents.
Show closes at 6pm for non-camping attendees. Spread the word on this, Non wristband holders will be removed after dusk. Don't be that guy. After 6pm, Attendees WITHOUT 40s wristbands will be asked to leave show grounds.
Event is European Cars only, only European Cars allowed on the show field.
Non-Euro Cars and Spectators are required to park on the road and keep fully right of the white line to avoid police action.
Illegal Drugs are absolutely not permitted on the show grounds. If you can't use it in Colorado, DON'T BRING IT HERE.
Eazy Ups, Canopys, Termporary Stuctures are not permitted during windy weather. Use of such items is at your own risk. If your canopy takes to flight and damages other peoples property, vehicles, or causes bodily injury, an insurance claim on your policy will be filed, not the event host, nor its insurance carrier.
Entering show field is at your own risk, and you agree to hold 40s, and its promotors harmless in the event your vehicle is damaged in any way as a result of driving in the field. If you can't figure out how to slowly and safely navigate the uneven surface, please don't attend.
ENGINES OFF after Dusk. Vehicles remain stationary after Dusk per town requirments and neighborhood input allowing show to happen.
Burnouts, Donuts, wreckless bahavior, riding on roofs of cars, and the such are not permitted. Please keep in mind 40s is your show, keep it safe and we can continue to hold it.
Bad attitudes, fist fights, and general poor behavior will be met with an Uber ride of your choice out of the show. Assault is illegal, dangerous, and can threaten the existance of the show if the promotors are left to deal with the consequenses.
DRUNK DRIVING out of 40s is dangerous, threatens the foundation of the show, and makes no sense when CAMPING is free and readily available to all who want to kick back and have a great time and be responsible adults. Please be aware that the town of Olive Police, County Sheriffs Dept, NY State Police, and the Department of Environmental Protection Police for NYC water supply all will be patrolling heavily. You will NOT make it out of town if you are plan on driving drunk. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
SECURITY - When they speak, You LISTEN. Period.
GLASS - Clean up all glass promptly after awards ceremony. Broken glass is dangerous. Use provided Gargabe cans, and help out and clean up a bit before dark.
NO CAMPING anywhere on the show field or where vehicles are mobile. It is intuitive but has to be explained every year that laying on the ground, with a piece of fabric between you and a 4000 pound car is not safe, smart, or neccessary.
NO CARS in the camping area - We are fortunate to have the adjoining property owners agree to let us camp... Don't dissappoint them, and keep your camping area clean and free of liter.
DOGS ARE WELCOME if Leashed. No acceptions. Bring proper equipment to clean up after them as well.
TREAT THE SHOW LIKE ITS YOUR OWN - Lastly, The whole show format is not common. It relies solely on the proper behavior, moral aptitude, and common decency of the guests. For lack of better words, This is your show! Treat it like you are hosting it. Have my back, like it was your own. You know right and wrong, and you have the authority to speak up and straighten a dangerous situation out. Without proper guidance the show cannot continue in the way it has become known for. Treat this special event with care, and it will be here for you in the years to come. Thank you

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Are You Over 21? Under 21 NOT PERMITTED unless accompanied by an adult. No ID at gate/No parent, no entry. PERIOD!
I Agree I am over the age of 21 or will be accompanied by an adult.
(For Audi and VW's. For other Eurocars, write "N/A" and fill out the next textbox) Year, Make and Model of your Vehicle:

(For All Eurocars that are not Audi/VW, fill this out. If you have an Audi or VW, write N/A) Year, Make and Model of your Vehicle:

Fill out this box regardless of your make and model about your vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have an Audi or VW; This is your spot to shine! We accept other eurocars into the show as a case-by-case, first come first serve basis. WOW us! And please be sure to add pictures of your vehicle using the file button below regardless of make and model!